Development of our technology with our own Flat Wire(Edgewise),
we made small size high currency Power Inductors for smoothing purpose. available.

This Power-Revo uses ferrite core with good frequency response and Flat Cupper Wire.
This has ability to meet high frequency, high currency.

By our super Ferrite core Power-Revo is very low electric resistance,
which means do not create much heat.
The bobbin used does not contain any Poisons materials.
This is low cost, small size, high reliability, the most suitable Transformer in modern world.

Our transformers are widely used for Office Automation Equipment,
Electronics Measurement Equipment Communication Equipment,
Sola Electric Power Generating Equipment, Electronics Light Emitting Display,
Radio Equipment, Power Supply for Equipment on Automobile.
We have already developed New world, which is power supply system
for EV automobile as well as in EV Automobile.

Illustrated photograph is 20A model,
which is equivalent to PQ32/30,
but volume Is about
comparison against our standard size model

We have also developed flat wire type edge-width power transformers.
This is Combination of flat type wire and three layer insulation to make large currency possible.

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Important Note about Repair

When you need to repair the products purchased from Pulse Denshi, please send them back to us so we can offer repair cost estimates. Your local service center may not accept such repair.

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