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Pulse Denshi is a distributor for broad range of domestic and overseas markets based in Akihabara, Tokyo
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General Terms and Conditions

We, Pulse Denshi Co., Ltd., have our base of business in Akihabara, the worldwide-known shopping/trading district for electric/electronic items. Making the best use of our domestic and international networks, we supply our clients all over the world with video equipment and electronic parts which we procure from various suppliers and manufacturers. We also have a outsourcing division for processing/assembling parts and manufacturing circuit boards.


Transaction currency is Japanese Yen only.


Upon acceptance of your order, we ask you to make payment by bank transfer in Japanese Yen. The payment is made, prior to our procurement from suppliers, with any remittance fees borne by each customer. When you expect an urgent shipment, please forward us a copy of the transfer application issued by your local bank. We do not accept credit card payment.

Validity of Quotation

Our quotation is valid for 2 (two) weeks.


We deliver items with international couriers such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc. The delivery term is Ex-Warehouse. We also arrange shipment on our FedEx account or by EMS and please specify your request including the insurance details (shipping charges will be offered before your payment).

Important Note about the Power Supply and Repair

Power supply of some products is adapted to Japanese 100V specifications. In case of using it outside of Japan, please be sure to use a voltage converter for each country/area.
Also, when you need to repair the products purchased from Pulse Denshi, please send them back to us so we can offer repair cost estimates. Your local service center may not accept such repair.
Please feel free to contact us for details:

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