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Pulse Denshi is a distributor for broad range of domestic and overseas markets based in Akihabara, Tokyo
Video Equipment
Electronic Parts
Outsourcing and Import Services

Pulse Denshi Co., Ltd. provides optical products
as a dealer of Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.

Optical interface Cable, Optical RS-232C Cable

Simple end-face processing tool for plastic optical fiber
Optical Interface Cable
RFA4000 Series and Other Related Products

We delivers onboard products as the authorized distributor of
Omron Corporation.
We offer mainly relays, switches, and connectors.

For Omron Boards

Input Component
Micro Switch
Mechanical Key Switch
DIP Switch
Output Component
Printed Board Relay
Connection Component
Half Pitch Connector
DIN Connector
Connector of MIL System
I/C Socket
Wire Saving Connector
Link Terminal
Switching Power Supply

List of Our Electronic Parts

We meet your small quantity / wide variety / quick delivery requirements.

Dust cleaner splay for PCB (Printed circuit board)NEW!
New green cleaner for managing and preventing dust or foreign substances from a circuit bard.

Chip Sample Box
″Mini Box″ stores chips in it. It is low price,
compact, easy to carry around, and the contents are abundant. Various storage parts are available.

QCM: Chemical Filter Life Monitor HE-QCM-1 Using Crystal Resonator
Monitor weight changes due to adsorbing chemical pollutants onto a crystal's electrode surface in real-time.
Achieved consecutive monitoring of air quality changes.

Industrial-use Display
Long life-cycle, and suitable for industrial use. Please feel free to contact us. We can cover various requests for small lot with low price.

New Suppliers

We are looking for new video equipment and image processing products and suppliers.

Important Note about Repair

When you need to repair the products purchased from Pulse Denshi, please send them back to us so we can offer repair cost estimates. Your local service center may not accept such repair.

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