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Pulse Denshi is a distributor for broad range of domestic and overseas markets based in Akihabara, Tokyo
Video Equipment
Electronic Parts
Optical Interface Products
Outsourcing and Import Services

Import Services

We procure products from overseas vendors.
Please inform us of the website URL and the product model number.
We can address complicated technical inquiries to overseas companies.
Please contact us for more information. (Translation service is also available)

Outsourcing Services

Trial Manufacturing of electronic devices and industrial cameras is available.
Please contact us for more information.

Handling Field / Item
1.Electronic Equipment Development
Electronic part development support for user products
Measuring machine / Measurement jig
1.1Electronic Circuit Design
Circuit design CAD, ECADnetW
1.2Microcomputer Software Development
Experienced in telephone and ISDNT-related products.
SH4, SH3, H16, H8
V50, V40, V25, 78K, 75K
8086, 8085, Z80, TLCS-47
HD6301, OLMS-65K, NS32016
Programming language for software development (COMPILER)
Assembler, ICC, FORTH
Borland C++, Microsoft C, Lattice C
Microsoft C++, Visual C++, Visual BASIC
1.3Printed Circuit Board Artwork
1.4Mechanical Design
2.Electronic Equipment Small Lot Assembly, Wiring, Adjustment, Inspection
3.Inspection, System, Design and Fabrication by Image Processing
3.1Extruding Metal Mold, Clogging, Tester of Non-woven Textile Fabrics
3.2Through-hole Defect Tester for Printed Circuit Board
4.Software, Hardware, Design and Fabrication for Video-related Devices
4.1Automatic Switching and Transmitting System of Security Camera for Special 100 Inch Rear Projector
5.A.V System (including Microcomputer) Design and Production
5.1Video Editor of Plural Camera Use
6.Design and Production of Video Camera and Peripheral
6.1Special CableMiniature Camera
Special Power Supply
Special Cable
6.2Camera Remodeling
(Example) It is possible that various type of manufacturing such as dismantling a camera, extending harness and soldering it.
6.3Special Camera for FA Use

Outsourcing Services (Parts Processing)

Outsourcing Services (Parts Assembly)

Outsourcing Services (Board Production)

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