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Pulse Denshi is a distributor for broad range of domestic and overseas markets based in Akihabara, Tokyo
Video Equipment
Electronic Parts
Optical Interface Products
Outsourcing and Import Services

Company Profile

We, Pulse Denshi Co., Ltd., have our base of business in Akihabara, the worldwide-known shopping/trading district for electric/electronic items. Making the best use of our domestic and international networks, we supply our clients all over the world with video equipment and electronic parts which we procure from various suppliers and manufacturers. We also have a outsourcing division for processing/assembling parts and manufacturing circuit boards.
Name of Company:Pulse-Denshi Co., Ltd.
Address(Head Office)1F, ICOP-Bldg, 6-16-9 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021
Phone: 813-3833-8033
*When you have inquiries, or need of communication with us, please make contact with us by e-mail (in Japanese or English), not by over the telephone all the time.
(Sales Office)4F, ICOP-Bldg, 6-16-9 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021
Phone: 813-3833-9271
Established on July 28, 1970
Main Bank;Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Kanda-Ekimae Branch
Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Kanda-Ekimae Branch
Asahi Trust and Banking, Kinko, Yushima Branch

Outline of our products

Visual Products-by our Special Sales Div.

Our Special Sales Div. Handles variety of manufacturers products including a Character Recognize System, which uses Newron Pattern Matching and many kinds of Graphic Process Boards as well as CCD Camera, Lens, Lighting Systems and other peripherals.
Component parts-by our Devise Div.

Our Device Div handles

Products from Mitsubishi Rayon Co. Ltd
(Optical Interface Cable, Optical RS232C Cable , RFC600 Series)
(Easy Handling Tool of Plastic Optical Fiber Edge Treatment) and other Optical Interface Related Products.
Omron Corporation components for Printed Wired Boards
Components for input:-
Micro Switch
Mechanical Key Switch
DIP Switch
Components for output:-
Relays for Printed Wired Boards
MOS FET Relays
Photo Coupler
Components for Connection:-
Half pitch Connector
DIN Connector
MIL Type Connector
IC Socket
Wiring Connectors to save wiring distance:-
Rink Terminal
Switching Power Supply
Spindle Wave Fan
Koa Corporation
U formed Metal Film Fixed Resistor
Custom made Hybrid IC
CR network
and other major Japanese (NEC, Toshiba Hitachi) and other countries (Texas Instrument, National Semiconductors) are available.

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