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Information Security Policy

Pulse Denshi Co., Ltd., as a distributor of electronic parts and video equipment, recognizes that it is important to ensure the information security with our business partners. We believe that it is important for each employee to recognize the importance of information security and act on it as well as taking technical safety measures to ensure our information security.
In accordance with this basic recognition, we establish our "ISMS basic policy" to effectively realize our information security.

1.Continual Improvement
To deal properly with all information handled by our business, we accurately comprehend factors affecting the information security, try to continually improve the information security management system, and ensure a steady implementation of precautions against incidents and accidents at the same time.
2.Related Regulatory Compliance
This includes legislation for information security and a commitment that we shall respect other requirements we have agreed.
3.Risk Management
We specify our risk acceptance criteria and establish appropriate management objectives and management measures based on systematic risk assessment and management.
4.Handling of Violation
Our employees shall comply with "ISMS Basic Policy". The penalty may be imposed against violators based on employment and other rules.

We thoroughly notify the aim of ISMS Basic Policy to all employees through internal publicity activity and information security education to act on the ISMS policy. In addition, we ask our business partners and outsourcing companies to disseminate the ISMS policy to their staff and corporate with us.

Date of Enactment:April 1st, 2012
Date of Revision:May 1st,2015

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Kenji IMAI

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