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Heat reflection paint

Reflect Sun Light and shut off high temperature to keep inside of room comfortable level.
This paint can be used for Electronics Equipments.


Bright Sun Shine create heat on roof surface and such heat is transferred to inside of house to make room temperature high. To protect from such heat, a new type of paint has been developed, which method was learned from next generation aircraft (SST) engineering. The paint has outstanding reflection of Sun Light and heat reflection. This is excellent paint to be used for roof, which can lower room temperature between 15~20 degrees centigrade compare to ordinal type of paint.

[Mechanism of heat shutting]

1.Regular paint observes mainly near Infra-Red spectrum, which is contained in Sun Light and most affective spectrum of Sunshine. However, Yanecoat contains special ceramic which observes heat enables to make efficient heat reflection.
2.The Yanecoat is to absorb the heat into special ceramic and reflect it back to air.
3.These combined of absorb and reflection of heat made very high efficiency of heat reflection.


1.Excellent heat shutting Characteristics
Pigment in the which has good reflection of Sun light、 as well as the ceramic particles which has good emission of heat made very high ability to shut off heat to going through. the paint Yanecoat can be painted on various types of roof, (Steel , GI Sheet, Ceramic, Thick Slate). The Yanecoat can shut off heat to keep room temperature within comfortable range without turning ON air-conditioner and excellent method of saving energy.
2.Good characteristic of surface covering
NAD Type Resin, which has perfect reputation against smell, is used as base of the paint, which also has advantage of not getting influence from undercoat, and suitable for over painting current paint. The paint itself will compose strong Poly-Urethane Polymer, which become strong resistant against Acid rain, Ultra Violet, and heat aging.
3.Colourful and lustrous appearance
Colour available is brite Blank, which is most popular color for room ,Blue, Brown, and other 16 different colors.( all color available from stock). This is excellent roof paint for house and factory room.
4.3. High resistance to grow mildew, and water weed
High resistance to grow mildew, and water weed The paint contains element effective to resist against mildew and water weed growing to keep quality of room for long period.

[Test Result]

Tested ItemsMethodResult
Dryingby finger touching 20 degrees centigrade 65% RH20 minutes
Half Solid 20 degrees centigrade 65% RH40 minutes
Gloss60 degrees Reflection Ratio on Glass Platemore than 80
Strength compare to pencil tipJIS K 5400 Strength compare to pencil tipF~H
Early stage Sticking Abilityas cross hatch test with tape-5mm x 5mm total 25 Areas=25 25/25
Water Resistant test7days in city waterNo change found.
7days in city water, then tape test of the above 25 painted area-25areas normal25/25
Cold and Hot cycle
keep in water for 16 hours -20 degrees centigrade x 4 hours =80 degrees centigrade x 4 hours for 80 cyclesNo change found.
Freezing and melt test-Methodour test/done in water soaked
-20 degrees centigrade x 4 hours =20 degrees centigrade x 4 hours for 100 cycles
No change found
Accelerated weather test SunshineWetherometer 1000 hoursBrightness Kept more than 90%
*on slate board with soaking shielding vanish, then Yanecoat painted twice then tested.

[Efficiency of over painting on current paint]

Current PaintHeat Shut Off PaintGeneral Purpose Oil PaintWater Soliable
Emeraldion Paintpossibleimpossiblepossible
Oil Paintpossibleimpossibleimpossible
Acryl Resin Paintpossiblenot impossiblepossible
Poly-urethane Paintpossiblepossiblenot impossible

[Accelerated Aging Test]

[Caution] (please read this carefully before use)

*During the test period, Please make sure that the paint does not touch your skin. Depend upon situation, you need to wear gloves, apron, and other protective
*Please be careful that for spilling the paint. In case you spill the paint out from container, it must be immediately wiped out by cloth or put sand over the paint.
*The Cloth or Rag which contains the paint must be kept in water to avoid fire.
*Please do not hang up for lifting. Please make extra careful for dropping fan. The Handle of the can may come off by over loading for lifting it up.
*After handling the paint, please wash your hands as well as gargle.
*In case the paint get into your eyes, please use a lot of water to washing out, then make sure to visit MD.
*In case you start feel bad after breathing outcome gas or vapor from the paint, please go out for fresh air. In case it is necessary, visit your MD, depend upon your feeling.
*To storage the paint, please make sure that the can is properly sealed by cap and storage at location where does not become under direct Sunlight.
*In case you need more information of content of the paint, please refer to the label, which contains more detail of caution for Chemical Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

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