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NiosII CPU Card
IHP/05013FPS - Infohobby, Ltd.

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Appearance Appearance Appearance
PE1C3 + SRAM (512 KB)

EP1C3 + SDRAM (32MB)

EP1C6 + SDRAM (32MB)
2 processors can be equipped.


Card with Soft-core CPU NiosII on FPGA installed.
We provide products with project files. You can start NiosII CPU development with C language without FPGA development.
Extremely high performance CPU, providing 32 bit CPU, installed 5-stage pipelined instruction cache, 60 MHz operation.
Development environment is popular GCC provided on a free basis.
With onboard ROM functions, you can easily build an integrated system.
If you already know C language, you will learn how to use the product in a few hours.

Above all, the development environment is quite simple.
If you are the user of H8/PIC, try this NiosII CPU card. You will see the differences soon.
(Once you are familiar with it as CPU, you can mount an additional hard circuit using our device as a beginner's CPU + FPGA machine)
Let's try using our FPGA. You will experience the amazed nano-second real-time processing.


Compact Card Size: 75 mm x 50 mm
32 Bit CPU 40 MHz (if using PLL, it works at 60 MHz) instruction cache installed.
Hardware can be mounted in a free-space of FPGA.
Installed original onboard ROM function. Description
Type = EP1C3 + 512 KB zero wait-state, fast SRAM (fast memory).
Type = EP1C3 + SDRAM 32 MB (16 bit bus) (mass storage memory).
Type = EP1C6 + SDRAM 32 MB (8 bit bus) (FPGA capacity, sufficient for expansion).
CPU function update.
Included Simple RS232C communication circuit. Description

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