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Halogen Light Source with Feedback
LA-150FBU(Hayashi Watch Co., Ltd.)

Monitors light quantity change and maintains constant light quantity automatically.


Main Applications

Illumination for image Processing Apparatus
Illumination for Microscopes
Illumination for Scientific Observation

Dimensional Outline Drawing

Dimensional Outline Drawing


Rated Input Voltage 100 VAC (Input Voltage Range 85 - 132 VAC)
1200 VAC (Input Voltage Range 170 - 264 VAC)
Rated Input Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 190 W (at 150 W Lamp Maximum Load)
Lamp Type JCR15V150WH5
Color Temperature: 3100K
3Average Life for 1,000 Hours
Lighting System Direct Current Lighting System
Illumination Stability Feedback Precision: Setting illumination +/-1% (while green LED is lit). Yellow LED turns on and warns of lamp deterioration when illumination errors more than +/-1% are caused by the deterioration of halogen lamp.
3When using a light guide with dedicated monitor fiber
Light Quantity Adjustment Output Variable Voltage
Variable Voltage: 5VDC - 14 VDC
Light Quantity Variable Range: 3% - 100%
4Maximum Illumination: 500,000 Lux
Protective Functions Overcurrent Protection Circuit: Hanging Down Type (Automatic Return)
Overheat Protection Circuit: Output Interception Type (Returned by Power Supply Restoring)
Cooling System Forced Fan Cooling
Optical Filter Built in Cold Filter, Heat Filter
Operating Temperature / Humidity -10ツーC - + 45ツーC / 20% - 80% RH (no dew condensation)
Applicable Fuse AC125V3A Glass Tube Fuse (f5.2 x 20 mm)
1 200 VAC: AC250V3A Glass Tube Fuse
Functions (Standard Feature) 1) Lamp ON / OFF Remote Function
2) Light Quantity Adjustment Remote Function
(Control Voltage 0 VDC to +5 VDC MAX)
3) Lamp Stability Detect Function (Green LED Indication)
4) Lamp Deterioration Detect Function (Yellow LED Indication)
Lamp Deterioration Signal Output at the time of Lamp Deterioration
5) Detect Function for Running Out of Lamps (Red LED Indication)
Signal output when running out of lamp and when lamp is not mounted.
External Dimensions W 120 * H 180 * D 212 mm (Dimensions except Projection)
Weight 3.4 kg

1 200 VAC specifications can be adjusted by the maker.
2 Lamp life is not guaranteed value but experimental value.
3 Please buy this light equipment with a light guide with dedicated monitor fiber.
4 The illumination is measured at fiber diameter 5 mm, 500 mm in length and at the position of 15 mm from a light projection edge.

8 Bit Converter Unit DA-8U
Built-in products can be manufactured.(UL standard compliance)

Please buy light guide in sets with main body of light source.
Please note that light guide other than our products may cause a malfunction.

Important Note about the Power Supply and Repair

Power supply of some products is adapted to Japanese 100V specifications. In case of using it outside of Japan, please be sure to use a voltage converter for each country/area.
Also, when you need to repair the products purchased from Pulse Denshi, please send them back to us so we can offer repair cost estimates. Your local service center may not accept such repair.

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