Puls Denshi is always standing by, ready for delivery of many kinds of products, which includes Power Transformers,
Inductors Surface Mount type Transformers, Amorpfous (Toroidal l),
CT Coil (for Electro Magnetic Switching Purpose) and other types of coil. The Purchase Order Quantity can be
single peace to several thousands depend upon your requirement.
Especially core gap special treatments such as gap trimming.

We need to have your specification for thickness, AL Value, and meeting standard specifications such as UL, IEC, CSA.
Also, in case presentation of component parts of the Transformer to get approval of such safety agencies,
we can deliver such components available for you. Such component include coil before soaking to resin (White coil).

Material Table
To Reference Data
To Improve Coil Efficiency
To Switching Converter Circuit System
To Power Transformer

High Frequency Power Transformer Inductor
*EC70 , EC90

SMD Type

Amorpfous Toroidal
[Core Manufacture]
*TDK Tokin *TDK Tokin *Toshiba

Air coil, Flat wire (Custer Design Product)
round coil wire

Square Wire

Perfect Lining Winding

CT Coil for Electro magnetic Solenoid
for 400A

for 600A

Inductor for
for 16A

for 20A

Large Currency Inductor for
from 100A

to 200A

Creating Core Gap(with Middle Step, Center Step)To Price Table
more than 0.05mm

width: more than 3.5mm

Important Note about Repair

When you need to repair the products purchased from Pulse Denshi, please send them back to us so we can offer repair cost estimates. Your local service center may not accept such repair.

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